Some of my favorite video games had the most catching tunes ever. I loved Zelda’s music. Super Mario Bros. music was also one of my favorites. When I think back to my childhood some of my fondest memories were playing on the video game. There was Mega-Man, Pin-Bot, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more. There is one element that these games have in common and they would all be lost without it. It is the music. Let’s face it, the video game industry has been responsible for advancing technology as much as any other major driving force. I would venture to say, maybe even as much as the military. Where would we be if video gamers had not fronted the bill for the advancement of video technology in order to improve graphics for their games? They are responsible, at least in part, for such technologies as HD video or Blu-Ray as well as extra large HD T.V.’s. There is no denying it when you get right down to it.

So how can anyone argue that video gamers are also responsible, at least in part, for the advancement of music technology and the industry as well. Today we have major musicians cutting special songs for video games. The music which is incorporated into the system to help with the entertainment level of the game is remarkable and expensive. It is a big business making video games. In many of todays games there are high paid producers and entertainers putting in their work creating music to be played for the gamers around the world. This is a far cry from where the industry started. In early games there was no music at all. The visual effect was all that mattered. It took some time for technology and imagination to bring the 2 together forever changing the face of the planet.

In early games with music we here very basic tunes played repeatedly on a track. There was not much to it but almost as soon as it started there were instant classics being hummed and whistled on every street corner, that’s when they realized the marketing potential. It was another way to brand their game and get it out to the public. Think about all of the catchy phrases or company motto’s that you have rolling around inside of your head right now. There’s a million, right? Well there is a reason for that. It works. It sells their product to you and to your friends.

It would be very safe to say that the entire technological world would be very, very different right now should there never have been a video game revolution involving music and video advances. Very scary in deed.

October 31, 2014

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