Sports games

Sports games have been around for years and years. They are a great way to entertain yourself with one of your favorite pass times if you can’t get outside or you can’t put together a full team but would like some exciting sports action none the less. Many of the sports that have been created and are currently being played by men and women can be found in the video game format as well. There are many reasons that playing on the video games can even me more entertaining than playing in real life. First we are not all in our peak physical for. We do not all have the skills needed to play a real game of one on one basketball with a person who it 3 feet taller than we are but these things can be overcome in the virtual world.

Another good thing about playing games in the virtual world is that there can be a small or large embellishment on the actual physics that govern the game in this real world. You can not throw a ball 125 miles an hour every time it leaves your hand in the real world but it can be programmed in a virtual world very easily. In addition the hard hits that often become restricted in highly physical sports such as rugby or football can easily be taken in stride by a virtual player in a video game with no fear of permanent damage. Stamina is also called into question. A player simply cannot play any sport for several hours without fatigue. It really does not matter how fit they are in this situation everybody fades over time with exertion. These features can allow for alternate variations to the game which are impossible in the real world thus giving the gaming world a clear advantage.

Even with these sports video games that are so focused on the video and playability components, there is still music. The music you find in these games has often been produced for the game in question or there has been a licensing fee paid to the entertainer who made the music a hit in the first place. Many sports games take the audio component as serious as any other component because the creators have learned through experience that a good soundtrack can make or break a game. You will find that the best games ever made would only be nominally entertaining without the music to go along with the action.

It is with this in mind that we meet the future with bright eyes. Ready for the next evolution that changes the face of entertainment as we know it. You can bet that video gamers will be a major driving force behind that as well.

October 31, 2014

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